Amnesty International Urging Ukraine to Combat Discrimination

Amnesty International Urging Ukraine to Combat Discrimination

Amnesty International has called on the Ukrainian authorities to adopt legislation to combat discrimination against sexual minorities and to ensure the adequate police protection of the gay pride parade in Kyiv on May 25.

“The Ukrainian legislation doesn’t provide an adequate protection and sometimes violates the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Ukraine is unable to guarantee the protection of their principal freedoms. The right for freedom from the discrimination, the right to security of person, integrity and the right to freedom of assembly,” CEO of Amnesty International Ukraine Tetiana Mazur has said.

She called the government to introduce legislation to address discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, and lawmakers to vote down proposed legislation to criminalize the “propaganda of homosexuality”, which is being discussed in parliament at the moment.

During the press conference, coordinator of Amnesty International Ukraine Zorian Kis has called on the police to ensure the smooth conduct of the gay pride parade in Kyiv.

“The police should ensure the smooth conduct of Ukraine’s first LGBT Pride March on May 25 in Kyiv and to provide adequate police protection,” he said.

In addition, the Amnesty International report “Nothing to be proud of: Discrimination against LGBTI people in Ukraine”, which exposes endemic discrimination by officials and members of the public towards representatives of sexual minorities was presented at the press conference.

As reported, a public campaign Equality March will be held in Kyiv on May 25 as part of Kyiv Pride 2013 forum. Its participants will demand provision of equal rights and opportunities for Ukrainians of the LGBT groups (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Kyiv Pride 2013 will be held in the format of an international forum and festival in the second half of May and in addition to the Equality March will include a number of outreach and cultural activities.

Amnesty International said earlier that they were ready to support the first Equality March for LGBT rights in Kyiv.