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After several moths of silence the major web-recourse of Ukrainian gay men is on line again. It was closed for reconstruction and the new version of the site seems to be developed more professionally and accurate.

Now “Gay Ukraine International”, as they proudly call their project, became more multi medial. Additionally to scandalous news, bizarre articles, and exposing dossiers surfer will find documental gay movies like “Gay-Sex in 70’s”, gay online TV and video of the day. Even the posts have become interactive. Many of the articles including videos from the place where the event took place or the disaster happened.

Introducing the life of Ukrainian gay community to the rest of the world since 1991 the project of “Gay Ukraine International” continues to publish breaking news about gay life in Ukraine. For instance these days it has exposed (or better to say “has outed”) the notorious homophobic deputy of Kharkov City Council Maxim Museiev, published the deputy private photos having gay sex with other gay men on the beach.

Another topic that usually is observed by “Gay Ukraine International” is homophobic violence and terror against gay men spread widely in our country. These days the article about capital gay guy who was visiting Crimea was published on line. The story tells us that Kiev gay guy wanted to find gay sexual partners in Simferopol – the capital of Crimean Autonomic Republic. Instead of new impressions the lucky guy met two older criminals. They were just released from the prison – he proposed them to make love, as he is bottom and they looked very masculine. The end of the story is not any fun – the guy was robbed and beaten.

Anyhow it is not only hot news and fresh explosions but the staff of “Gay Ukraine International” likes to bring the reviews to the public in order to develop discussion among its readers. Last hot subject for discussion was:

— According the results of newest public opinion poll, 72 percents of Ukrainian population hate gay men and only 3 percent of Ukrainians aren’t ill of homophobia
We will prepare short resumes of the news from “Gay Ukraine International” on regular basis. Our short resumes are mentioned for English-speaking surfers who don’t speak Russian. Those who can read original articles on National LGBTQ-Server of the Ukraine are welcome
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