Just Say No to Same Sex Marriages - Ads Urge Ukrainians
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Just Say “No!” to Same Sex Marriages – Ads Urge Ukrainians

The authorities in Ukraine have recently reversed some murky transfers of European investors’ assets in what is thought to be a sop to EU governments ahead of the country signing…

Amnesty issues warning: Gay football fans, don t go to the Ukraine
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Gay Football Fans, Don’t Go to the Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine denounced British press allegations of racism and mob violence at soccer stadiums and assured foreign footballers and fans on Tuesday that they would be safe during the…

Ukraine Gay Activist Svyatoslav Sheremet Beaten
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Ukrainian Gay Activist Beaten As Media Looks On (video)

Ukrainian capital’s first ever gay pride was canceled on Sunday, May 20 amid fears of attacks from far right thugs. Police advised pride organizers to abandon the march through the…

Freedom House - Ukraine NO Longer Free
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“Freedom House”: Ukraine NO Longer ‘Free’

Twenty-five countries showed significant declines in democracy in 2010 with little serious resistance from the democratic world, the watchdog group Freedom House reported Thursday.