Just Say No to Same Sex Marriages - Ads Urge Ukrainians
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Just Say “No!” to Same Sex Marriages – Ads Urge Ukrainians

The authorities in Ukraine have recently reversed some murky transfers of European investors’ assets in what is thought to be a sop to EU governments ahead of the country signing…

mother of gay leader Lyubov Gashkova
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NGO “Gay Parents Initiative” officially registered

September 9, 2013 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine officially registered NGO “Gay Parents Initiative for Free Same Sex Relationships” leaded by Volodymyr Kiriiazi’s mother Mrs. Lyubov Gashkova The Public…

velariya lutkovska
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Ukraine Ombudsman Calls for LGBT Hate Crime Laws

The Ukrainian Parliament’s Commissioner for Human Rights has called for LGBT status to be added to the country’s hate crime laws and for an end to attempts to ban so-called…

national lgbt portal of ukraine g-ua.com
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National LGBT Portal G-UA.COM Launched in Ukraine

This month sees the launch of the National LGBT Portal for Ukraine, giving the former Soviet country an online hub for local LGBT community events, gay sex information and a…

Gay church in Ukraine prays for tolerance
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Gay church in Ukraine prays for tolerance

On a recent afternoon at a small house in the outskirts of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, five men and a priest gathered in front of a makeshift altar draped with…