fake gay pride in kyiv
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“Titushki” Performed Gay Pride in Kyiv

Protesters posing as gay men and lesbians used the topic of sexual orientation in an effort to break-up the on-going efforts of the Maidan demonstrators. Here in Kyiv on January…

november gay march leaded by volodymyr kiriiazi
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Anti-Discrimination and LGBT Rights in Ukraine

It was a short, and frightening walk – just 250 meters, surrounded by a chain of police while an angry crowd hurled homophobic slurs at us and kept trying, unsuccessfully,…

deputy lukyanov
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Deputy Stands on Guard of the Orthodox Morality

I’s about exactly one year ago, on September 2, 2012, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the draft law No. 8711 “On the Introduction of Changes…

Geoffrey R. Pyatt - US Ambassador in Kiev, Ukraine
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USA Is Against the Ukrainian Law on the “Gay Propaganda”

The eighth United States Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt reminded that the USA is against the laws on prohibition of so-called “gay propaganda” and also expressed his personal support…

velariya lutkovska
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Ukraine Ombudsman Calls for LGBT Hate Crime Laws

The Ukrainian Parliament’s Commissioner for Human Rights has called for LGBT status to be added to the country’s hate crime laws and for an end to attempts to ban so-called…

Amnesty International Urging Ukraine to Combat Discrimination
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Amnesty International Urging Ukraine to Combat Discrimination

Amnesty International has called on the Ukrainian authorities to adopt legislation to combat discrimination against sexual minorities and to ensure the adequate police protection of the gay pride parade in…

ukraine lgbt activists leaded by volodymyr kiriiazi
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Ukraine: EU Should Raise LGBT Rights at Summit

The European Union should urge the Ukrainian government at the upcoming EU-Ukraine summit to end abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Ukraine, Human Rights Watch and…

Ukraine to Ban Word Gay Porn
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Ukraine to Ban Word “Gay”

They’re planning to ban any public mention of the word “gay” in Ukraine, as they recently did in St. Petersburg, Russia. The new law threatens media, civil society groups, human…