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Over 60 Detained at LGBT Rally in Russia’s St.Petersburg

Sixty-seven people were detained at a gay pride gathering in St. Petersburg on Saturday as gay rights supporters clashed with anti-gay campaigners, a local police spokesman has said. The rally…

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Deputy Stands on Guard of the Orthodox Morality

I’s about exactly one year ago, on September 2, 2012, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the draft law No. 8711 “On the Introduction of Changes…

Amnesty issues warning: Gay football fans, don t go to the Ukraine
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Gay Football Fans, Don’t Go to the Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine denounced British press allegations of racism and mob violence at soccer stadiums and assured foreign footballers and fans on Tuesday that they would be safe during the…

Speculation On Same-Sex Marriage in Ukraine Provokes Scandal
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Speculation On Same-Sex Marriage in Ukraine Provokes Scandal

Ukrainian sociologists are outraged by irresponsible statements by their colleagues Yevhen Golovakha about possible legalization of same sex marriages in Ukraine. On the beginning of January 2011 Mr. Golovakha in…

Gay Ukraine with One Foot in Europe
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Ukraine with One Foot in Europe

After the Orange Revolution many Ukrainian gay boys hoped that the political changes taking place in their country would promptly lead to EU membership talks. At the very least they…

Ukrainian Army Turns 19
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Ukrainian Army Turns 19

The Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrated this year’s anniversary with a blast, literally. On December 6 in nine cities of Ukraine: in the hero-cities of Kyiv, Kerch, Odesa, and Sevastopol,…