Action Against the Legalization of Homosexuality

Mass anti gay action in kiev

The Communist Party of Ukraine introduced 145 bills of social nature to the Verkhovna Rada, however the deputy majority is not interested to solve these problems, complained the leader of KPU Petro Symonenko from the Parliament’s tribune.

“I would like to refer to the so-called “eurointegrators” and ask them once again to read carefully the Association Agreement (AA). In the text of AA, Ukraine is being imposed with some requirements, which does not involve salary increase to the EU level. On the other hand, the rights of sexual minorities are being actively protected. We might even reach the point when instead of Victory Day parade on Khreschatyk Street torchlight procession of Nazis from UPA and gay prides will march along”, – outraged Mr. Symonenko.

“Podrobnosti” reminds us that KPU opposes the European integration and the entry of Ukraine to the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

On October 22, 2013 at 10.00 in front of the of the Verkhovna Rada building the action “to support family values” took place. The action was directed “against the legalization of homosexuality due to signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU”.

Action participants intended to deliver their requirements to the deputies of Parliament, the President and the Prime Minister. The organizer of the action is the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Parents Committee of Ukraine”, which has already frightened our citizens with schemes on “legalization of homosexuality” in our country in case of the continuation of its rapprochement with Europe.

National tv channel TSN reporters became witnesses of this action, where its participants held banners in their hands with slogans: “LGBT – our kids do not need that”, “Traditional family – a fortress of love”, “We demand to remove homosexual directive 2000/78/ЕС from the text of AA” and “Say No to import of the perversions”.

“Passions for Europe rages under the Verkhovna Rada, – said “Podrobnosti” reporters”. – On one hand – a small demonstration under the banner of “Young regions”. Young people under the slogan “YES for EU” organized a kind of EU-gymnastics. They clap their hands and call upon deputies not to draw back from the EU-integration way”.

– Yes, of course I would like to study at universities abroad, travel freely in Europe. I support aspirations of Ukraine to the EU. There are a lot of countries in the EU right now – and they do NOT complain, so to say, – share the action participants their opinion.

On the other side of The Parliament building was a demonstration against the EU. These activists claimed that AA contains a paragraph of preferences for sexual minorities. Demonstrators put small change cans as a symbol of family values that were sold for nothing.

– We are protesting against the norms, – so-called European standards, in quotes, homosexuality – that once again they try to pull into Ukrainian legislation just under a different dressing, – resents one of the participants of the protest demonstration.