Anti-Gay Bill Sparks Outcry in Ukraine

Anti-Gay Bill Sparks Outcry in Ukraine

If a group of lawmakers have their way, TV shows and movies depicting gay people could be banned in Ukraine.

Last month, six legislators, including President Viktor Yanukovych’s representative in parliament, submitted a law that calls for prohibiting the “propaganda of homo-sexuality.”

If passed, the law would impose fines and even jail terms on those who deliberately disseminate positive information about gays to minors. Anything from movies, television series, photographs and even art exhibits viewable by children would become illegal.

Lawmaker Pavlo Ungurian, who co-wrote the bill, told a news conference Monday that its goal was to preserve “the moral, spiritual and physical health of the nation.”

The bill has caused outrage among Western rights groups and politicians who said it would make being openly gay effectively illegal.