National LGBT Portal of Ukraine Became Official Media
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National LGBT Portal of Ukraine Got Official Registration

After two months of fighting bureaucracy, Ukraine’s most reading gay media has obtained the official registration! The main obstacle to the registration of the web-site was that the state registrar…

Could Concentrated HIV Epidemics Make AIDS Unbeatable
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Could Concentrated HIV Epidemics Make AIDS Unbeatable?

HIV epidemics are becoming more concentrated in marginalized groups such as sex workers, drug users and gay men, and could defy global attempts to combat AIDS if attitudes do not…

Mass anti gay action in kiev
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Action Against the Legalization of Homosexuality

The Communist Party of Ukraine introduced 145 bills of social nature to the Verkhovna Rada, however the deputy majority is not interested to solve these problems, complained the leader of…

Sexy Ukrainian Gay Boys in Madonna New Video
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Ukrainian Gay Boys in Madonna’s Video

World famous Ukrainian gay dance group that has taken Europe by storm, appeared with Madonna in her new Girls Gone Wild video, set for release on March 20.