Hennadiy Moskal
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MP Moskal: For Putin’s Media We Are All Gay Fascists and Lesbian Jews

Russian mass media continue their propaganda against Ukraine as “fallen state”, stated Verkhovna Rada MP Hennadiy Moskal. “Rhetoric of the Russian media channels has not changed, we are all gays,…

viktor medvedchuk
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Gay Men Selected Best Activist from Putin’s Side

The representatives of gay liberation movement in cooperation with international human rights organizations held the press conference: “Sexual Orientation, European values and Maidan”. After the press conference, the activists visited…

yanukovych gay fucking in kiev
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Ukraine Cancels Trade Pact with the EU

Ukraine was due to sign accord at summit next week but MPs reject key bills, especially on freeing Yulia Tymoshenko from jail. Ukraine has abruptly ditched its plans to sign…

East or West? Ukraine now has to choose its path
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East or West? Ukraine Now Has to Choose

According to an old folk tradition, if a man knocks on the door of a Ukrainian beauty with a marriage proposal, but does not win her heart, she will reject…

november gay march leaded by volodymyr kiriiazi
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Anti-Discrimination and LGBT Rights in Ukraine

It was a short, and frightening walk – just 250 meters, surrounded by a chain of police while an angry crowd hurled homophobic slurs at us and kept trying, unsuccessfully,…

Mass anti gay action in kiev
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Action Against the Legalization of Homosexuality

The Communist Party of Ukraine introduced 145 bills of social nature to the Verkhovna Rada, however the deputy majority is not interested to solve these problems, complained the leader of…

Homophobia and HIV in Ukraine
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Homophobia and HIV in Odessa and Ukraine

We are introducing a Life+ project that targets GMT individuals living with HIV and provides them with psychosocial counseling, group support, and “patient navigation” at the local AIDS Center. Patient…

ukraine gay boys in hot porn action
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Ukraine: Investigate Violence Against LGBT Activists

The Ukrainian authorities should investigate violence and threats against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights activists in connection with the Equality March in Kiev on May 25, 2013. “Kiev’s…