Deputy Stands on Guard of the Orthodox Morality

deputy lukyanov

I’s about exactly one year ago, on September 2, 2012, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the draft law No. 8711 “On the Introduction of Changes to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (regarding the protection of the right of children to a safe information environment)”. This document became the first Ukrainian bill (from a number of subsequent bills), which suggested punishing for “the propaganda of homosexuality” not only with fines, but also with a prison sentences.

Since then something changed: on the 23rd of May 2013 Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information approved a draft resolution on the withdrawal from consideration of the draft law No. 8711, that in the newly elected Parliament was assigned another number, 0945, as the one that “lost its relevance”. One of the reasons for such decision was the existence of a similar legislative proposal that is more preferable. Namely it is the creation of Vadim Kolesnichenko, one of the most tireless Ukrainian fighters against gay people, who offered his own version of punishment for “perverts and sodomites”.

As reported by the Ukrainian news service TSN, a deputy from the Party of Regions Vladislav Lukyanov, who supported this draft law a year ago, still believes that it should be adopted as it is and certainly will support it. Mr. Lukyanov personally intends to initiate this procedure in the Parliament in the nearest future. “The very fact that the Verkhovna Rada showed the political will to protect our children from the influence of alien values, by itself caused sufficient resonance and wide discussion in our society, – he reported. – We believe that such relationships shouldn’t be promoted in our country. The history of Kievan Rus counts more than one hundred years. Our fathers, grandfathers and grand grandfathers adhered to certain ethical standards, which have proved their worth and there is no point to change them. Ukraine has always been an Orthodox country, and from Orthodoxy’s point of view the propaganda of such relations is also considered to be immoral and unacceptable”.

As for the suggested by the Cabinet of Ministers draft law, which refers to the prohibition of discrimination on the workplace based on sexual orientation, the same deputy (which is not surprising) declares the following:

“This law, from my personal point of view, has no right to existence in our country. This is obviously a lobbyist law, based on unacceptable model for Ukraine forcing us to give up our moral values against our Orthodox faith. Why to please somebody’s interests, our people have to change their moral principles? In addition, I believe that the adoption of this law will discriminate other members of our society”.