NGO “Gay Parents Initiative” officially registered

mother of gay leader Lyubov Gashkova

September 9, 2013 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine officially registered NGO “Gay Parents Initiative for Free Same Sex Relationships” leaded by Volodymyr Kiriiazi’s mother Mrs. Lyubov Gashkova

The Public initiative occurred in April in Kiev 2012, and its goal is to bring together people who care about LGBT rights and LGBT parents association of people.

As the founder and chairman Lyubov Gashkova (on photo) said: “The main objective of the initiative is to provide moral and material support to parents of LGBT people and their representatives during the awareness of sexual orientation, creating mutual understanding in families and help in advocating LGBT rights.”

The organization “Parent Initiative for Free Same Sex Relationships” conducts regular meetings of parents every month since February 2013, and the members of the organization participated in three day training for parents of LGBT people in Kyiv in July 2013.

NGO is also a platform of support for people who want to make a coming out and for parents who want to understand their children being closer to them. Under the successful leadership of Ukraine most known gay activist Volodymyr Kiriiazi NGO “Gay Parents Initiative for Free Same Sex Relationships” has reached many positive goals in its struggle for LGBT rights in our country.