Kyiv Gay Guide

Ukrainian capital the city of Kyiv is the main center of gay life in our country. With its population of above 3 million inhabitant Kyiv attracts main stream of young gay boys from Ukrainian province.

In opposite to the rural parts of Ukraine where the people still stay homophobic and religious, Kiev is modern European capital with many cruising areas and meeting points for young boys as well as for their admirers from Western countries.

Gay scene of Ukrainian capital can impress a sophisticated Ukrainian gay male as well as horny gay traveller!

Kyiv is a city where gay people can have a lot of fun, almost everywhere in those places gay sex is not complicated. But due to dramatic events on Maidan during last winter several central gay venues were attacked and destroyed by pro-Russian Orthodox extremists from Donbass and they are closed for renovation yet. However their owners promised to re-open them nowadays. For latest news about gay scene and openings please read Gay Kyiv daily news.

Here is Kyiv Gay Guyde for the state on May 1, 2014.

Gay Night Club Lift (72, Velyka Vasylkivska St.) is exciting new opening. It offers karaoke, dark-rooms and magnificent transvestite show. Every Friday and Saturday Grand show is held on the big dance floor, and other drag queen show program – in Russian pop-music hall daily. Karaoke is possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For boys of all ages entrance is free of charge, girls have to pay 100 UAH (8 USD) entrance fee on Fr. and St.

Gay Sauna Blindage (2, Kudryavskiy Uzviz St.) has four steam rooms: Finnish bath, Turkish bath, Roman one as well as infrared sauna. Comfortable massage rooms with professional massage tables and high quality oils. It offers a full range of services including escort to please gay clients. Anyway sauna is less popular in summer-time when gay men may have sex outdoors.

LGBT-Friendly Places

As far as Ukrainian business owners never say exactly are their venues gay-friendly or they aren’t, we prepared the list of such places following recommendations of gay and lesbian people here in Kiev.

L’Kafa Cafe (2, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd.) most popular lesbian venue in Kyiv. Every evening you may meet dozens of butches, dikes, femmes and other Ukrainian lesbian girls in this cozy women’s corner. Officially thought it is just “ordinary cafe” as our lesbians prefer to hide their places from sexually obsessed straight males.

Cozy lesbian cafe in Kyiv Ukraine
Located at the heart of capital this cozy lesbian corner attracts dozens of young girls from the whole Ukraine

Pravda Bar (5A, Druzhby Narodiv Blvd.) has the format of a place embedded in their slogan «eat drink sing».

Indigo Night Club (3, Kudryashova St.) has reputation of venue where glamorous fashioned sissy-boys are spending their nights. Club has 4 levels – relax-zone, music-zone, food-zone, dance-floor. It is located near central railway station and to enter this venue you should impress guards by your expensive wardrobe.

Kyiv night club Indigo is the place for young stylish gay boys from Ukraine
Kyiv night club Indigo is the place for young stylish gay boys and their sponsors.

Gay Cruising Areas of Kyiv

At your own risk! Remember that not only gay men visit those places listed below. These places are notorious because police as well as criminals visit those places to blackmail and to robe gay males! Gay murders are nothing exotic there. It is highly recommended to go there in big company, do not even try to visit those areas alone (except Khreshchatyk – the main street is safe for gay men).

Hydropark – extremely crowded by gay males in summer time! To reach it you should take subway till the station “Hydropark” (red line). Going there from city center take step into the last carriage of subway train. So you’ll find yourself in park on the island. Go on main road through the bridge over Venetsianska Protoka on direction to Molodezhny Beach. Near public WC (see map) you’ll see the park-lane. You should turn right and go to the bushes where hundreds of gay men are having sex! But be careful as sometimes police interrupts into such romantic pleasures…

gay beach kyiv ukraine - cruising area
This map shows how to get to the gay cruising area in Hydropark of Kyiv

Dovbychka naturist beach – almost at the same place. Continue to go to Molodezhny Beach and you’ll see the boats. They will gladly bring you to the opposite riverside of Dnipro river. And there it is! Ukrainian nudists are there – most of them came there for sex. You can try it with any male you’ll see, as all people are very tolerant to gay men on Dovbychka. The nudists themselves are illegal in our country, that’s why they are friendly to other minorities. Naturally this cruising area is valid only in summer.

Khreshchatyk – main street of Ukrainian capital offers wide range of gay meat for sex every evening. The main round square in underground trading center Metrograd as well as the
segment of main street from Bessarabsky market to Central Department Store (TsUM) from that side where the benches are. Usually many gay males come there after hot sex at Hydropark of after working day, so around 17:00 – 19:00, and then they sit there until the subway goes (midnight).