National LGBT Portal of Ukraine Got Official Registration

National LGBT Portal of Ukraine Became Official Media

After two months of fighting bureaucracy, Ukraine’s most reading gay media has obtained the official registration! The main obstacle to the registration of the web-site was that the state registrar has restricted use of the word “national” in the titles of entities.

After overcoming the bureaucratic routine National LGBT portal of Ukraine is registered as an official news agency with legal status inside our country. It is important to emphasize that the Ukraine became the first country on the post-soviet area that officially registered median LGBT project.

State registration of
State registration of

Let’s recall that yesterday – on April, 5 most read gay site of Ukraine – the National LGBT portal turned 1 year. It is read in in 135 countries worldwide. During the year the number of page views reached 5.223.936, the site contains over 15.000 master-pieces of gay materials in different genres and popular styles.

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