National LGBT Portal G-UA.COM Launched in Ukraine

national lgbt portal of ukraine

This month sees the launch of the National LGBT Portal for Ukraine, giving the former Soviet country an online hub for local LGBT community events, gay sex information and a lot of activism for the very first time.

The website features lgbt news, gay travel advice, lifestyle pieces, LGBT rights campaigns, the history of gay liberation movement, the science of being gay or trans and a lot of high quality Ukrainian gay porn.

“The portal is intended to promote cultural, sporting, artistic and erotic development of the LGBT community in Ukraine, to provide information support to local LGBT initiatives, to support various events in the LGBT community such as orgies, group sex, excesses, and to promptly cover them,” – said a statement from the group behind the website fo

“The most important feature of the portal is also advocacy of the gay community rights for sexual freedoms, fighting stigma and discrimination in the traditionalistic society of Ukraine by highlighting the objective information and beautiful gay porn dedicated to the lives of young Ukrainian boys with homosexual orientation.”

Ukrainian LGBT leader Volodymyr Kiriiazi says he is sure the website of will “stimulate systemic changes in Ukrainian society for more liberal and exciting”.

At the moment it’s portal – 1000’s unique users daily, and the end of the year this figure will reach 50000 users a day