Ukrainian Gay Liberation in the 90th
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Ukrainian Gay Liberation in the 90th

Since 1931 in the Soviet Union male homosexuality was illegal and prosecuted by USSR Penal Code. Consensual male homosexual anal intercourse was punished by imprisonment of up to three years…

Gay Ukraine with One Foot in Europe
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Ukraine with One Foot in Europe

After the Orange Revolution many Ukrainian gay boys hoped that the political changes taking place in their country would promptly lead to EU membership talks. At the very least they…

Ukrainian Army Turns 19
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Ukrainian Army Turns 19

The Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrated this year’s anniversary with a blast, literally. On December 6 in nine cities of Ukraine: in the hero-cities of Kyiv, Kerch, Odesa, and Sevastopol,…

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“Loads of Bull” According to Tihipko

Deputy Prime Minister Serhii Tihipko, in charge of economic reforms ex officio, has aroused scathing criticism by saying that “you should not listen to ordinary people, as far as economic…