fake gay pride in kyiv
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“Titushki” Performed Gay Pride in Kyiv

Protesters posing as gay men and lesbians used the topic of sexual orientation in an effort to break-up the on-going efforts of the Maidan demonstrators. Here in Kyiv on January…

World Strongest Male - Vasyl Viryastuk from Ukraine
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Ukrainian Strongman Inadvertently Breaks Up Gay Rally

A “World’s Strongest Man” title winner appears to have inadvertently broken up a gay rights rally in Ukraine after participants assumed he had been sent by the police, an online…

november gay march leaded by volodymyr kiriiazi
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Anti-Discrimination and LGBT Rights in Ukraine

It was a short, and frightening walk – just 250 meters, surrounded by a chain of police while an angry crowd hurled homophobic slurs at us and kept trying, unsuccessfully,…

molodist film festival
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Ukraine Film Festival Targeted by Anti-LGBT Protesters

Ukraine’s premier film festival, Molodist, has been picketed by protesters complaining about the presence of LGBT films at the event. Dozens of people stood outside the Zhovten cinema in Kiev,…

Volodymyr Kiriiazi Commented the EU-Ukraine Strifes on Gay Rights
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Volodymyr Kiriiazi Commented the EU-Ukraine Strifes on Gay Rights

From 27 to 29 November, Vilnius will host the summit of the Eastern partnership, where Ukraine plans to sign an association agreement with the European Union, and enter into the…

tilda swinton
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Hollywood Star Paid for Russian Gay Funeral

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton was behind a large donation that helped cover the funeral costs of Russian gay rights activist Alexei Davydov, who was buried in Moscow Monday, according…

Geoffrey R. Pyatt - US Ambassador in Kiev, Ukraine
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USA Is Against the Ukrainian Law on the “Gay Propaganda”

The eighth United States Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt reminded that the USA is against the laws on prohibition of so-called “gay propaganda” and also expressed his personal support…

Gay Armenia
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Armenia Withdraws Anti-Gay Law

Armenian police on Thursday withdrew a proposal that would have banned any public promotion of “non-traditional sexual relationships” in the country, similar to anti-gay laws in Russia. The proposed amendments…